ContentWorks is a client-driven content aggregation and processing firm specializing in solutions for the major on-line information resellers and content aggregators.
We have extensive experience in dealing with large amounts of information in a variety of formats. Our goal is to provide a turn-key, text-based, tagged and fielded end product to our clients. The client identifies the content they need and the format in which they need it… we do the rest.

Have you been trying to pitch your content to on-line resellers and aggregators? ContentWorks has well-established relationships with the major players in the content world and we’d like nothing more than to serve you in representing to, and formatting your content for, the leading names in the Information Industry. The benefits of an approach like this are many, not the least of which is its cost-effectiveness. You turn your content over to us, as-is, and we do the rest.

One of the primary benefits to both original publishers of content and direct reseller clients of ContentWorks is that ContentWorks invests the resources and technical expertise up-front, usually at no direct cost to either party.
Under the typical scenario, the original publisher provides ContentWorks with the “raw” content files. ContentWorks processes and delivers the finished product to our clients. ContentWorks then collects royalties for the content sale and retains a percentage of these sales before forwarding the balance of the royalty payment on to the original publisher.
This system is much more cost effective for the original publisher due to cost savings derived from lower technical staffing requirements. Virtually no “hands-on” staff is required.
For ContentWorks’ clients, it’s much simpler for them as well in that the time-to-market is much shorter and our turn-key solutions mean that it’s virtually “hands free” for them as well.


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